Friends of IACC

This is a volunteer community project to fix, maintain and improve the "Integrated Animal Care Center, Auroville" so it can continue to care for stray dogs and other animals.

Food & Accomodation


If you plan to volunteer for at least 30 hours a week with us and you plan to stay for at least two weeks,  get in touch with us to see if we can provide room and board. Be prepared for rustic living and shared spaces.

In all other cases, you can find guesthouse information at Once you are here, you can also try to find Aurovillians who are looking for house sitters.

If you are volunteering for more than 23 hours a week, you will get a 20% rebate on your guesthouse tariff.

In all cases, pack -
  • Mosquito net
  • Flashlight
  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Work clothes (they will get dirty)
  • Sleeping sack
  • Natural sunscreen
  • Natural bug repellent

Currently we are not set up for communal meals. There are several stores and two bakeries around where you can buy rations. There are several cafes and eateries nearby. A few notable ones are -

  • Pour Tous (Only takes payment via Aurocard)
  • Solar Kitchen 
  • La Terrace 
  • Ganesh Bakery (You can get whole wheat vegan bread, and homemade organic peanut butter here)
  • Raw food center (next to Ganesh bakery)
  • Farm Fresh (They have the best kombucha in Auroville)
  • Tantos Pizza (They have vegan pizza)

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