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This is a volunteer community project to fix, maintain and improve the "Integrated Animal Care Center, Auroville" so it can continue to care for stray dogs and other animals.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Final Transition to Animal Care Auroville

All photos were taken by Josephine Joyner
IACC has seen a lot of changes in the last two years. From Lorraine working day and night virtually by herself, to our help and clean up, to the introduction of Xavier, things have been getting progressively more manageable for Lorraine and better for the resident dogs.

Now, one of the best things we could have imagined has happened! Two newcomers to Auroville, Josephine and Antim, have arrived on the scene and are doing some incredible work.

The dogs at IACC, now Animal Care Auroville, and Lorraine are finally getting the help that they needed so desperately when we first arrived. You can stay updated with their progress at the Animal Care Auroville Facebook Page. Best of luck to them!


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