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Friday, November 22, 2013

Return to IACC: An update

Six months after we left Auroville to begin our project in Delhi, we decided to return and visit IACC. When we first came to the shelter in February, the place was a bit of a mess. The grounds were not kept well, the workers were unreliable, the funds from Auroville were missing, and Lorraine was doing almost everything by herself. We spent two long month working on the shelter grounds and investigating the root causes of all the issues, all of which resulted in the turnover of the shelter to new management, Xavier of Reve Guest House.

We have kept in touch with Lorraine, but we couldn't know exactly how things turned out without visiting ourselves. All we can say is, what an improvement! The grounds are more kept up, the workers are doing a reliable job, the puppies are separated by age, the dog's meals are being supplemented with rice cooked in IACC, a new electric water pump has been installed, and there are quite a few volunteers!

Though not everything is perfect and Lorraine still has a lot of work on her plate every day, the shelter seems to be coming out of a depression and moving towards effective work. Lorraine seems to think we have saved her life and given IACC a much needed break ... oh Lorraine! The oldest puppies were recently sterilized, some even in the clinic at IACC!

New volunteers pulling ticks off of puppies

The most incredible transition has been that of Rex, the Rajapulayam hunting dog who had awful skin and was painfully skinny! Look at how beautiful he is now after Xavier gave him some attention, medication, and love!


Here are some other transformations which have happened since we've been gone:



The "teenager" puppy hut constructed in our last weeks at IACC, now has a bed!
We helped with de-worming the littlest puppies.
Remember them? They were babies 6 months ago!

Munchkin, who has turned into a beautiful (and sterilized) young lady!

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