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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lucky and Hornet - introducing new dogs to residents

Lucky, arrived just a few weeks ago. We discovered him on the inside of our locked fence, which made it clear that he had been dropped over from the outside. He was terrified and wouldn’t let us near him, so we gave him food and water and let him stay in our entryway.  Slowly over the next few days we coaxed him into letting us sit near him and even introduced him to Piper, one of our pups about his age. Slowly but surely he began to become more curious about the rest of the dogs and now he is out and exploring! Now, a few weeks later, he comes running up to us with a wagging tail! What a transformation!

Hornet was brought to us with the assistance of Dr. Kumar who uses AV STRAW's blow-dart system for capturing stray dogs. We were called by some folks at Auroville Kindergarten and we were told that he was rabid. It was immediately clear to us when he arrived, however, that he is not sick at all! We kept him in one of our recently built secure areas for new arrivals to observe him for any problems and allow him time to adjust to the smells, sights, and sounds of the Center. After some time we allowed him to begin to explore and meet the resident dogs. Hornet is a really friendly guy and has blended in well with the others.  He might even have found a home straight away! Now he will have his sterilization and be on his way.  Good luck Hornet!


  1. Really u guys doing amazing work ;) ..keep going like this .

  2. Lucky looks so timid at first, but then you see at the end he's just another happy dog :)

    Sarah, Love My Dogs

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