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Monday, March 25, 2013

Parvo Outbreak

We have sad news from the Center. Recently a puppy was dropped off and we were told that her person "couldn't take care of her anymore." Most dogs when brought into the center don't look well, and so her shaking and low energy seemed normal for a new pup. Because we don't have an effective way of separating out new dogs, we put her into Lorraine's house with another new puppy found the same day. Lorraine's door opens out directly onto the porch where the majority of our young puppies choose to hang out. After a day we began to notice the new puppy salivating heavily and gagging, never a good sign, and she wouldn't eat. The next morning, we awakened to find her dead. After looking at her vomit and stool we could reliably say that the little girl had canine parvovirus, a highly infectious disease which affects puppies and has a very low survival rate. We immediately began to clean every surface she touched, but unfortunately we were not fast enough. Another of our puppies, Frida, already began to show signs of being sick. We separated her in the night, and late the next morning she passed away. Fortunately her decent into sickness was quick and she passed with little pain.

This incident only highlights the need to keep new dogs separated until we determine they are healthy, the need to isolate sick puppies before anything spreads, and the need for puppies to have their own space where their vulnerable immune systems are not as barraged by infections from the adult dogs (who may or may not show symptoms). Luckily we are working to do just that by adding gates and huts on the Center grounds where puppies can play without fear of sickness or injury!  

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