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This is a volunteer community project to fix, maintain and improve the "Integrated Animal Care Center, Auroville" so it can continue to care for stray dogs and other animals.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Medical Care

Today I met the founder of IACC for the first time. She expressed that she wouldn't mind us doing a project helping IACC and building upon the efforts already done. She will indeed reimburse us for any veterinarian bills, medical supplies, bills and sterilizations. This is great news!

Once we are setup for donations, we will focus on fundraising for -

1. Getting an ambulance for IACC to transport dogs.
2. Fixing up existing huts and building more huts for dogs.
3. Hiring Dr. Kumar for sterilization camps as he is the only veterinarian in the area with years of experience sterilizing stray dogs in neighboring villages.

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