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Saturday, March 23, 2013

First-aid Clinic: Before and After

When we arrived at the center, one of the first things we noticed was the horrible state of the clinic.  Once used for sterilizations, the room had fallen into complete disarray.  It was impossible to find anything, cockroaches lived in every corner. Expired medication and good medication was all over the place. Used medical supplies (gauze and cotton with ointment from whenever it was used last!) was mixed with unused supplies. Surgical tools and supplies were all mixed together. We didn't even want to touch anything!

Major props to +Joellen, who took it upon herself to make it a usable space, and spent a week scouring every corner, every dish, every box, and every piece of furniture to make it functional.  Now the cabinet is organized, the table surfaces are usable, the spiderwebs are gone and so is the wasp nest, the dog register is updated, and the refrigerator is cleaned. We still have a problem with the ants and cockroaches, but we are searching for a solution to keep dog food completely sealed so the bugs can't find it.  Even a local vet said once the ceiling is covered (right now it is open and dust can fall in) he could do surgeries there! Success!

Clinic Before Cleaning:

Clinic After Cleaning:

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