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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Compost pits and first short term resident volunteer

Yesterday Fabio from Germany showed up based on a tip from a friend he'd just met here.  He is our first short-term resident volunteer. Not only will he be helping us with the daily routine, but also with improving the facility. He also brought a couple friends who have babies and it was good to see our puppies interact with the babies :)

So far all fruit and vegetable discards were going around trees which was a messy situation and cooked food discards were being dumped in an unused field. Now that we have fenced compost pits in making (we don't want our puppies getting in there and getting stuck!), we can turn a messy situation into compost for our planned herb garden.

With these pits we have just scratched the surface of how waste is handled at IACC. There is still the matter or handling paper and plastic waste, handling dog poop and minimizing the strain on the septic tank. 

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