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Saturday, March 23, 2013

4 new puppies. Our youngest so far!

A couple days ago someone found 4 puppies abandoned in water and saved them and brought them to IACC. Drowning puppies is a common horrific animal birth control practice in India. These puppies are just a couple weeks old and need constant care.

As per the article here  there is a widespread misconception that if puppies don't get mother's milk for complete period, then they won't build a good immune system. In reality, they get all the antibodies in first 24 hours of nursing. Also, if the mother has not faced and fought off a particular disease or is not vaccinated.

We are feeding them Cerelac every 4 hours for now. We were told by Red paws rescue that a better option is Royal canin babydog milk but we make do for now.

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