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This is a volunteer community project to fix, maintain and improve the "Integrated Animal Care Center, Auroville" so it can continue to care for stray dogs and other animals.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The daily scoop - sort, feed, wash and pick up poop

Lorraine is so consumed by managing the daily process alone that she has no time to improve the processes or place or the clinic or to find good help. Every now and then a volunteer or two show up and she gets a breather. Sadly the Auroville Guest Services website form which volunteers fill up, never make it to her :(

So the process till date - The day begins with cleaning up the yard, aka poop pickup. Then the hand pump is used to fill up water buckets which are then used to water bowls spread across the yard.

Murthy, a part time worker being paid by Auroville fund brings left over food scraps and kitchen waste from the eatery at Auroville visitor center. This food needs to be sorted manually as it has many many things like onions, cooked chicken bones, raw dough, stale cheese, drumsticks, which are bad for dogs and big pieces of vegetables which need to be mashed as otherwise puppies can choke on them. Sometimes the food comes with a little kibble or chicken soup (We'd rather have these dogs stay vegan!) which is mixed in. Then a little spirulina is added and the dogs are fed with an attempt to spread them out so they don't fight each other.

After that the dishes are collected, washed and spread out in the sun for evening feeding. Some days Alessandra removes ticks from the dogs. In the evening the process is repeated, except the food is not sorted as there is no one present to sort it sadly :(

The whole process needs to be more organized and efficient. Then even a volunteer who is present for a day can participate. 


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