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This is a volunteer community project to fix, maintain and improve the "Integrated Animal Care Center, Auroville" so it can continue to care for stray dogs and other animals.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Return to IACC: An update

Six months after we left Auroville to begin our project in Delhi, we decided to return and visit IACC. When we first came to the shelter in February, the place was a bit of a mess. The grounds were not kept well, the workers were unreliable, the funds from Auroville were missing, and Lorraine was doing almost everything by herself. We spent two long month working on the shelter grounds and investigating the root causes of all the issues, all of which resulted in the turnover of the shelter to new management, Xavier of Reve Guest House.

We have kept in touch with Lorraine, but we couldn't know exactly how things turned out without visiting ourselves. All we can say is, what an improvement! The grounds are more kept up, the workers are doing a reliable job, the puppies are separated by age, the dog's meals are being supplemented with rice cooked in IACC, a new electric water pump has been installed, and there are quite a few volunteers!

Though not everything is perfect and Lorraine still has a lot of work on her plate every day, the shelter seems to be coming out of a depression and moving towards effective work. Lorraine seems to think we have saved her life and given IACC a much needed break ... oh Lorraine! The oldest puppies were recently sterilized, some even in the clinic at IACC!

New volunteers pulling ticks off of puppies

The most incredible transition has been that of Rex, the Rajapulayam hunting dog who had awful skin and was painfully skinny! Look at how beautiful he is now after Xavier gave him some attention, medication, and love!


Here are some other transformations which have happened since we've been gone:



The "teenager" puppy hut constructed in our last weeks at IACC, now has a bed!
We helped with de-worming the littlest puppies.
Remember them? They were babies 6 months ago!

Munchkin, who has turned into a beautiful (and sterilized) young lady!

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Departure from IACC

After 2 months working at IACC we have realized that we can't maintain a balanced and healthy life in Auroville. Unfortunately this means that we cannot complete all the work that we intended to do when we first arrived. Things have improved, but now it is time to see new management step in which will maintain and build upon the processes we have started. Xavier, the Aurovillian who adopted Roxy, has agreed to do the job! After visiting the center for the adoption he realized how much good he could do and decided to step in to relieve Lorraine, who looks forward to taking time off after so many years. We will maintain contact with everyone at the Center to ensure that the transition goes smoothly. We wish them the best!

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kids from Auroville coming to play with puppies!

We always love when youth are interested in animal welfare!  We occasionally meet local and Aurovillian kids who come to interact with our dogs, and our pups love them. We hope that by being allowed and encouraged to show affection for strays the next generation will lead the way to a more compassionate relationship with our companions!

Feel free to come play with our dogs even if you are a grown up kid ;)

Our First Sterilization!

Thanks to AV Straw's Dr. Kumar, we have seen our first sterilization at the Center in a long time! Hornet the dog was rescued near Auroville Kindergarten and brought to us so we could help him find a home. When he arrived we could see that this kiddo needed a surgery! We called Ingrid S. and Dr. Kumar and arranged for it right away. The surgery went smoothly, Hornet was up and running around in no time, and his incision is healing beautifully. Now he is ready for a home!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lucky and Hornet - introducing new dogs to residents

Lucky, arrived just a few weeks ago. We discovered him on the inside of our locked fence, which made it clear that he had been dropped over from the outside. He was terrified and wouldn’t let us near him, so we gave him food and water and let him stay in our entryway.  Slowly over the next few days we coaxed him into letting us sit near him and even introduced him to Piper, one of our pups about his age. Slowly but surely he began to become more curious about the rest of the dogs and now he is out and exploring! Now, a few weeks later, he comes running up to us with a wagging tail! What a transformation!

Hornet was brought to us with the assistance of Dr. Kumar who uses AV STRAW's blow-dart system for capturing stray dogs. We were called by some folks at Auroville Kindergarten and we were told that he was rabid. It was immediately clear to us when he arrived, however, that he is not sick at all! We kept him in one of our recently built secure areas for new arrivals to observe him for any problems and allow him time to adjust to the smells, sights, and sounds of the Center. After some time we allowed him to begin to explore and meet the resident dogs. Hornet is a really friendly guy and has blended in well with the others.  He might even have found a home straight away! Now he will have his sterilization and be on his way.  Good luck Hornet!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rescued Dachshund Adopted!

Wow what a quick turn around! Dog lover and Aurovillian Xavier came in to adopt one of the puppies, took one look at Roxy, and decided to take her and a puppy. He and his wife have worked with dogs for years, we are so happy to give this girl a forever home! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Courageous Dog Rescue

At the very end of the day, just as we were leaving the Center, we recieved a desperate call from Ingrid S. Ingrid has been in the Auroville area for many years, and as a devoted and passionate animal advocate has helped countless animals through rescues and sterilization programs. She called us as she was defending a young dachshund from being stoned to death by a group of extremely drunk men.

The terrified dog had been tossed from a car by her previous family and when she began being beaten by the men took refuge beneath Ingrid's mo-ped. Ingrid, who is not a large woman, bravely stood against this group and told them that they were not to touch the dog. Since we also do not have a secure way to transport dogs, we arrived also by mo-ped to find that Ingrid had managed to disperse the crowd and keep the dog with her. We immediately began working to develop trust with the dog, who was still very anxious.  After about half an hour we were able to pick her up and hold her wrapped in a sheet and a sack on the back of our vehicle.

We were very fortunate that we were trying to transport a very tame dachshund instead of a full-sized feral one! We took her to the Center, where she is staying in one of our newly enclosed areas for incoming dogs and adjusting to the routine. We are putting in all our efforts to find her a good home with a family that will give her the love and attention she needs! If you are interested in adopting her or any of our dogs, please contact us for more information.
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